It was fabulous to hear David shouting down the phone, “I’ve done it Lin, I’ve done it!!” having completed his Driving Appraisal in Crawley this morning.

Although he has been a full licence holder for more than 50 years, David needed training to drive his newly-adapted car, after life changing surgery and to look at his driving with a fresh pair of eyes, after having no input since passing his Driving Test all those years ago. We have been working together for the last 6 weeks or so, to ensure he achieved the control required to be safe, when driving himself and his wife around in the future. He was really motivated to get himself driving independently and so, following each session, he made time to research or practice the things we had highlighted. Today’s result of 3 x Bs and As in all other categories means that he should get his full licence back very soon now.

Well done for all your hard work David, you really have done it!! Congratulations xx