Specialist Driver Training for Drivers with SEN & Learning Differences

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 1nfluence provide driver training for those with special needs, learning difficulties, high anxiety or those who just experience difficulties with the whole process of learning to drive.

Every individual learns differently. 1nfluence Driver Training have experience of many different conditions, but understand that how you are affected may be completely different from the next person with the same diagnosis.

Lin is an experienced, specialist instructor and has worked with drivers with…

Aspergers, autism / ASD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, ADHD /ADD, high anxiety, PTSD, bipolar, Tourette’s, OCDs, fibromyalgia, those recovering from seizures and stroke, those who are profoundly deaf, selective mute plus many physical disabilities.

Some of these conditions may well cause difficulties with learning to drive, but Lin will do her best to understand your condition and recognise your individual requirements; building a creative package that suits you, while working with you in an encouraging, positive way.

Lin is aware of the different techniques that may help with your learning for the theory test too. She can provide specialist one to one tuition and help with the booking process for taking the test to ensure that all possible extra help is applied for. Single lessons are available from £50 per hour, or you can block book 10 hours from £480. (For full details please see our Business Terms and Conditions).

In some cases, special needs provision can be requested for the practical test, giving you the best opportunity to showcase your driving ability.

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What people have said…

“Learning to drive with dyslexic and dyspraxic tendencies was the most difficult thing I have ever tried to do. After having two instructors that did not have the patience to teach me to drive, I started having lessons with Lin. I was very anxious, but Lin was patient and got me to focus on the positives from each lesson. I never thought I’d actually become a driver, but Lin believed in me. The day I passed my test I was so shocked and happy! I’d definitely recommend Lin to anyone learning to drive. Choosing the right instructor for you is so important and Im so glad I learned with Lin.”

Kirsty Goss

“It was our lucky day when our internet trawling landed us on Lin Webb at 1nfluence Driver Training. Our 35 year old dyslexic daughter Hannah Burton, who felt she would never be able to drive, especially after a couple of test failures in her teens, decided she might try again and we resolved to try to find someone who specialised in helping those with special difficulties. Enter Lin Webb. Her kind, empathetic approach and her ability to find ways to communicate specifically for a student who needed something that bit different, resulted in our daughter’s success today. We cannot thank her enough. You will gather that we highly recommend her!”

Bruce Anderson

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Is turning right into a side road potentially more dangerous than you think.... and is there anything you could do about it?

We often don't think twice when turning right into a side road, do we? You go through the checking of mirrors, a signal, and then slow or wait opposite the junction, looking for a gap in oncoming traffic... that's it isn't it?

But how about the traffic behind, especially if your junction is just around a bend or over the crest of a hill? Many crashes happen when a car hits the back of another.........!! Is there anything you can do about it?

Well, if you keep your wheels straight and keep an eye on your rear-view mirror, you might have the option to accelerate and drive away from the situation!! No crash and no being pushed into oncoming traffic!! Phew!! 🚗
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Working with a mix of lovely drivers today:
🚗Starting with a Polish lady who has dyspraxic tendencies and wants help with dealing with getting lost when on big roundabouts when driving ahead or turning right.
🚗A first on-road lesson with a lad with Global Developmental Delay and some processing issues. He's super keen to start learning to drive.
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If not now...... when?
Can we help?
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Do you ever drink and drive? Really? What does that question even mean to you?

Most responsible people would never think of drinking before or while driving..... But do people mean they wouldn’t exceed the Drink Drive limit? Or that they would never allow the slightest drop of alcohol to pass their lips before driving?

Legal limits can be confusing when people often don't know how many units of alcohol you can legally drink.... or what a unit actually looks like, when it differs based on the amount and strength of the alcohol or even which part of the UK you are in!!

The way alcohol affects people depends on many things too:
*your weight, age, sex and metabolism
*the type and amount of alcohol you’re drinking
*what you’ve eaten recently
*your stress levels at the time

Ultimately, the only totally safe limit for driving is NO alcohol.

Drinking and driving could cost people a driving licence, a job, but worse still a life!!
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