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Business Terms and Conditions

Amended 1st June 2024 – These Terms and Conditions replace all previous versions

The following terms and conditions represent the basis upon which training is offered by 1nfluence Driver Training Ltd and apply to anyone taking any form of training with us.

‘Driving School’ refers to the company 1nfluence Driver Training Ltd. ‘Trainee’ or ‘Driver’ refers to the individual receiving training and ‘Instructor’ or ‘Trainer’ refers to the person licensed to deliver paid driving tuition.

1nfluence Driver Training pride themselves on delivering top quality, client centred training. If you have any issues with either the service or training, we welcome you to get in touch so we can address the matter directly. If this does not resolve it, you should contact DVSA directly via the GOV.uk website.

Driving Licences and Fitness to Drive

All drivers undertaking on-road training will need a valid driving licence. Since 2015 the counterpart licence is held online so the driver will be required to either provide:

an access code to allow the instructor access to the DVLA licence check system
a phone for the instructor to contact DVLA during lesson time. This can take some time.

Your Trainer may repeat this check periodically throughout the tuition period.

It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure they are fit to drive and it’s essential that they disclose any medical condition (including allergies) or learning difference that may affect either their driving or the theory test.

The driver must demonstrate that they can read a standard vehicle licence plate at 20.5m

You must notify your trainer of any impending driving related court proceedings, fixed penalty notices or speed awareness courses or any matters which could affect your ability or entitlement to drive.

The driver must ensure they do not drive under the influence of drink or drugs. Be aware that some prescription and over the counter medicines can cause drowsiness. The Trainer reserves the right to cancel a lesson if it is suspected that the driver is not fit to drive for whatever reason. A theory lesson may be offered in place of a driving lesson, but the lesson will be chargeable at the usual rate.

It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that the trainer is informed of any emergency or non-emergency needs that may be required during the course of training. The trainer is not a medical professional and will only be expected to use their best judgement in providing support.

Legal Responsibility

The Trainer will hold the appropriate motor insurance to provide comprehensive cover should the tuition vehicle be involved in a collision. Ask for a copy if required.

Legally, it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure they are driving in accordance with the law. Although the instructor will take reasonable action to ensure that the driver is aware of the law, any tickets, points or other penalties will be the responsibility of the driver regardless of the status of their licence. The Trainer is legally obliged to report details of the driver to the authorities on request.

Use of Private Vehicles

If the Trainer agrees to deliver driver training in a private (not driving school) car, it’s the owner of the vehicle or the driver’s responsibility to ensure all legalities are addressed. These include but are not restricted to:

Insurance – This MUST cover ‘Paid for driving tuition’ and (where applicable) ‘the driving test’ including the journey home as a full licence holder. The Trainer will need to see written evidence of this!
As far as lessons are concerned, all vehicles MUST be safe and road legal – The Trainer will make a judgement based on their knowledge and experience. If the lesson is cancelled due to a vehicle defect, it is still chargeable.
Any points. fines or penalties incurred during the lesson are the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner and the driver.

The Trainer will take reasonable measures to prevent damage to the driver’s or any third-party vehicle but have no liability to do so.

Data Protection

1nfluence Driver Training Ltd are required to keep records including personal information and information regarding progress/experience. The Trainer may use technology to do this and will take reasonable measures to keep it safe. Should you wish to see this information at any time, please ask. Your data will be held for as long as is relevant, then will be destroyed or deleted. Your photo or testimonial will not be used without your consent. See the Privacy Policy in full.

Payments and Lesson Cancellations

All payments are to be made by bank transfer to the 1nfluence Driver Training Ltd account. The Trainer will give you the details. Cash and cheques are no longer accepted. An initial payment should be made on booking, and future payments for lessons and test will need to be completed at least 3 days prior to those dates. If a course of lessons is cancelled before a block booking is completed, monies will be refunded based on the full hourly rate for the lessons taken. Block bookings must be completed within 6 months or the remaining funds will be forfeited. 48 hours notice of lesson cancellation is required. Failure to give sufficient notice will result in the lesson being charged at the usual rate. If the Trainer cancels the lesson due to unforeseen circumstances, another lesson will be arranged at a mutually agreed date and time.

It is the driver’s responsibility to inform the Trainer if they are going to be late for a lesson. The Trainer will make best efforts to accommodate this, however it may not always be possible and cancellation fees may apply. If a Trainer is delayed by 10 minutes or more, they will make best efforts to contact the driver and additional time will be added on to that lesson or one on a future date.


Practical driving tests will be arranged by the Trainer once agreement is reached regarding readiness for test. No responsibility can be taken by 1nfluence Driver Training Ltd for tests booked when the instructor is not available.

Payments made to the DVSA for tests are only for the examiner’s services. Payments to 1nfluence Driver Training are for your Trainer’s time. Payments for test day will be charged at the hourly rate and will cover the time needed to travel both ways, time for the test plus the necessary debrief and any additional discussion. Additional time may be agreed between the driver and Trainer if required. Drivers are required to bring their licence to the test centre and a test will not take place without it. Examiner and Trainer costs will still be payable.

If the driver is found to deliberately endangered the car while on test, they will be liable for the costs associated with insurance, repair and any other costs.

1nfluence Driver Training and the Trainer reserve the right to refuse use of the driving school car for a driving test, if the driver has not reached a sufficient level of competence.

1nfluence and the Trainer cannot be held responsible for test appointments cancelled by the DVSA. Such cancellations are beyond their control and lesson fees are still payable.