I passed my driving test nearly 12 years ago, but never had the confidence to drive on my own. I tried having lessons with a couple of instructors over the years, but my thinking didn’t change. I found Lin online and met her to chat about how we would work together, all based around understanding why I thought and felt as I did!!
Wow, this was such a life changer!!
In our very first in-car session I conquered so many of the fears I thought were deep set and found myself driving with a smile on my face! In the last few weeks Lin came with me to take the kids to school, get shopping in town and even followed me the first time I drove to work! Altogether a completely different approach to helping me deal with my driving fears than I’d experienced with others!
I’m pleased we have a follow up session booked in a couple of months. I don’t want to let the gremlins take over again and I know Lin will guide me with whatever challenges appear in the coming weeks.
You’re a miracle worker with such a kind heart. Thanks for all you’ve done to help me and my family, Lin.
All my love Rebecca xx