I firmly believe that the best intentions are worth nothing if continuous action isn’t taken. The first step is often tricky, almost scary – then the second and third are a bit easier. By the time I get to the 6th, 7th and 8th I’m beginning to get into a kinda rhythm, that initial struggle almost forgotten. I think this is the key!!

To begin the improvement process, there are 7 steps!

1. Find out who you are and what it is you want!! – This is the most scary but most crucial bit! It’s only by asking yourself some tough questions that you discover exactly what it is that will make you happy. What makes you smile? What are your strengths? What keeps you buzzing? What is important and matters most to you?

2. Set your goals!! – Dreams are nothing without goals. Goals make the dreams become reality! Write them down where you can see them!! What is your vision? How will you make it happen? This is your treasure map!

3. Break the goals down into bite sized chunks! – Small targets are achievable and you will see the progress! What information, skills or equipment do you need? Is there someone that could help you?

4. Go out there and DO it!! – If you’ve got this far, you’re prepared for action. This is where your adventure truly begins. Dive in! This is where learning and happiness start to happen.

5. Measure that success! – Once you’ve started, action will become contagious. Look at the facts. It doesn’t mean it will all be successful: that’s what learning is all about! Sometimes things need a bit of tweaking!!

6. Do you need a change of course? – Keep that larger, end goal in mind; that’s what this is all about eh? Be ready for unexpected things to happen. Things, people, circumstances change and your ultimate goal may need to change too. Let learning and growth take place. Be flexible!

7. Do it again!! – We can continue learning growing and enjoying! Once you’ve accomplished one thing, there’s bound to be another goal, a new standard to meet. Feel scared? Unsure? Take that leap of faith….. Keep moving forward!

What will you achieve this month?? Have fun!

Lin 🙂