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I have a feeling that Rachael’s thoughts about driving have changed somewhat!
“With an imminent move to Wales and a new job that I needed to drive to, the fact that I had become so nervous about driving a car (to the extent that I cried whilst doing it through sheer panic) had finally become an issue I could no longer hide from. I didn’t like driving through narrow spaces, with anyone behind me, or indeed, in front of me, in busy traffic, slowly, quickly, round corners, at junctions…actually, I didn’t like driving at all! A few weeks before the move, I phoned 1nfluence Driver Trainers and had a swift call back from Lin. In just 4 x 2hr refresher lessons over a week, she got me from an extremely nervous driver, travelling in 2nd gear down a very quiet residential road; to driving from Sevenoaks to Tunbridge Wells along a dual carriageway – at some points, even smiling, feeling able to deal with tight manoeuvering, driving through busy town centres, parking and narrow roads! I now have the confidence to get in the car and keep it at my pace, which is such a long way away from what I had believed, for a long time, was possible. Lin was amazing. She was patient and reassuring and allowed me to do things in my own time, but encouraged me to push on when I needed to. Before each lesson, she asked me what I wanted to achieve, so each one was tailored to suit me. After each lesson, I had email updates, detailing what had been covered and things we had discussed. All I can say is that I never thought I’d feel comfortable driving, yet in a week, Lin had me enjoying it…a small miracle to say the least!”
Rachael Blight-Pitt