After endless panics and stresses about driving I finally am able to drive with confidence. It wouldn’t have been possible without you Lin. From sitting in the drivers seat for a good five minutes gathering myself, working myself up about just placing my foot on the accelerator and becoming nervous when it all got busy you calmed me down, made me feel like I could do any thing. You took your time with me, didn’t rush me nor push me to do anything that I wasn’t comfortable doing and took me step by step through everything and enabled me to pass my driving test and now I can go wherever I want and whenever I want. Lin, I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me over the past few years. Especially having such a big gap in driving and losing all my confidence and then to be where I am at now, thank you will never be enough. I will recommend you to everyone I ever speak to and see, as you really are awesome. Like really awesome!!
Thank you so much Lin, all my love Megs xx