“Hi Lin, I’m so happy with what I’ve achieved, you’ve helped me a great deal, really a lot and I’ve tried really hard to dig deep to find my confidence and now I believe I’ve turned a few corners, and not just with driving Hehee! I realise now that my hang ups were never actually about being able to drive. Thanks so much Lin, I knew before I met you that you would be the right instructor for me, I couldn’t of done it without you, your patience and understanding and belief in me has helped me to get over so many of my fears. Life feel real to me now and it’s now possible that I can drive xxxxxx (daughter) to school which was one of my main motivations for getting back in the driving seat. I’m delighted and so is hubby as he’s been getting a break from the driving! My parents are amazed I can finally drive to their house almost 20 years after passing my test, and so will my in laws be when I tell them I have driven on my own today. This has opened up a new world for me! ?” Jane Ford