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This has got to be the finest testimonial any Driver Trainer would want to receive!!! I’m so happy to have made a difference! Thank Jamie xx

When I first met Lin I was highly anxious. I had put off driving for such a long time but I turned 30 this year and I set myself a challenge to overcome my fears. I had, had some lessons years ago in both manual and automatic but soon learnt that automatic was best suited for myself (Hill starts in a manual often ended in tears). Ironically I loved driving and often became frustrated with myself for letting my anxiety win. Lin from the offset was calm, relaxed, open and reassuring. She really understood my anxiety and dealt with them with ease and such expertise. It soon became apparent that the main issue was that I was my own worst enemy. It was very easy for me to turn a situation into a negative, I would be incredibly hard on myself and it was easy to oversee the positives of any lessons. Often things were never as bad as what I thought! My lessons with Lin weren’t just driving lessons but also internal self development lessons. It enabled me to see how I could deal with situations, not just in driving but in life also. The way I would process things in a negative would impact my driving and in my life. Lin helps me to work through this and see what I was doing. I became more aware of this and over time it didn’t impact on my driving as much. The good driver that I know I am started to come out and with Lin’s encouragement I started to believe it and drive as though I knew it. I have now passed my driving test and I am finally living the life with freedom that I have always wanted. I honestly couldn’t recommend Lin enough, her skills really do go beyond driving and if you suffer with anxiety like myself, she really is the best person to guide you through what I can only describe as a life changing experience.


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