In the current heatwave, but particularly on Monday and Tuesday, it is important to make sure that you take sensible precautions to ensure you stay cool, particularly if you know your health can be sensitive to the heat.
No blanket decision to cancel lessons has been made as yet, but if you feel the need to cancel your lesson on Monday and Tuesday our normal cancellation charge will be waived.
Extra water will be available in the car if you need.
Here are a few heat related tips that may help at this time:
⏰ Avoid going out in the sun in the middle of the day when it is hottest. If possible, limit outdoor activities to early morning or early evening when temperatures are likely to be cooler
? Make sure you keep well hydrated. Your brain is 78 per cent water so its performance will quickly be affected by lack of water. Keep a supply of water with you wherever you go
? Wear cool, light-coloured clothing that won’t absorb the heat
? Listen to your own body. If you are feeling weak, dizzy or over-heated, take a break and find somewhere shady to relax. Tell a friend or family member how you are feeling
? Keep any necessary medication in a cool place, out of direct sun and make sure you take as prescribed