You know what it’s like, when a story gets spread from one person to another, especially if it’s a bit of gossip or scandal?…. Although there may have been an element of truth when the whispers first started, things get more and more distorted and exaggerated until it’s miles away from the truth!!

This has happened with the driving test. Driving Instructors hear many rumours. These are just a few:

The minimum age for driving is going up to 18

There are no plans for this to happen. Don’t worry!

I need to exaggerate my mirror checks, so the Examiner knows I’m looking

You will naturally have to move your head a little to check your door mirrors, but your examiner will notice your eye movements in the same way that your instructor does.

I shouldn’t book a test for a Friday, because examiners are only allowed to pass a certain number of people each week

Examiners’ pass rates are monitored by their superiors, to ensure that they are following the correct guidelines and procedures. If your driving is good enough, you are as likely to pass on a Monday as a Friday.

If I cross my hands I will automatically fail

Crossing your hands, or any other method of steering come to that, will not cause a driving test fail UNLESS steering control is lost

I have to take my test in my Driving Examiner’s car

Examiners don’t provide cars for the test! If you are having lessons with an instructor you may arrange to use their car, or you could take your own if it meets DSA test requirements. If you decide on this option, please ensure you have checked that your insurance is valid for this purpose!