Hypermiling or eco-driving is the practice of driving a vehicle in the most fuel-efficient way possible. Super important at the moment eh? It can be done in any vehicle and is a great way to lower running costs without spending money on modifications.
Driving techniques are important, but choosing when, and if it is even necessary to drive is just as important.
A few hints nd tips:
* Ensure that tyres are correctly inflated
* Service your car regularly to keep it operating efficiently
* Don’t drive around with unnecessary items in your car – less weight means better efficiency
* Reduce use of heating and cooling – drive with your windows up on the motorway to reduce drag.
* Remove roof racks for the same reason when you aren’t using them.
* Anticipate the road ahead – harsh acceleration and braking will affect your economy negatively – Driving with minimal use of the brakes is a popular technique among hypermilers and it is quite possible to allow the regenerative braking on an EV to do most of your braking for you
* Don’t cruise around looking for the closest parking spaces, look for the bay that requires the least amount of driving
* Avoid rush hour and heavy traffic where possible – However, EVs often deliver their best mileage in slower, stop-start driving
* If your vehicle has switchable four-wheel-drive, then only engage it when you require it
* A cold engine uses more fuel and warming it up – so avoid short trips wherever possible. EVs don’t need to be warmed up, but driving in extreme weather conditions will lower your range
* If you drive an EV then try to keep the charge between 20-80% as this extends battery life
* Avoid preconditioning the car too (having the heater or air conditioner on while you are shopping) to extend your mileage.
Can you think of anything else?? ???