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Sharing my day with drivers who have some mobility issues and learning differences today……. The first, a young lady in Biggin Hill who has defined her long term goal and the steps that she needs to take to get her there. It was great to see that she made the first step towards her 2017 success by using our Theory Test Pro revision site this week: continued practice will get her there! We had decided to work on using road markings and signs at unfamiliar junctions as a focus for driving today. Lets see if that still feels like a decent goal for her.

Later today I’m meeting the guy from Borough Green that chauffeured Lou Walsh and I on the Big Learner Relay at the end of 2016. He tends to come up with his lesson goals on the day: sometimes it’s a longer drive to somewhere he plans to drive when doing some private practice, sometimes it’s to improve a specific skill. He will surprise me, no doubt!!

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