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A last minute rearranged day, following a DVSA cancelled test yesterday which we managed to book again for today!! Thanks to those that have shifted their lessons to allow this happen xx …….. My day starts in Biggin Hill with a young lady who asked me to send her text reminders to do some theory related revision this week: I wonder if it worked for her?? Driving will be addressing whatever she feels she needs to go over: reading road markings in unfamiliar areas was something she was interested in at the end of our last lesson…… Then a driving test with a driver for whom we’ve asked the examiner to help with specific direction instructions and to use the ‘following signs’ option for the independent driving section of the test, as a string of instructions would be a complete nonsense for this driver!! …… Then working with a client in Borough Green who has come along well, despite learning difficulties that would hold many back. He works so hard!! 🙂

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