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Sunday is the start of my working week!! We’re continuing to look at strategies to help a lady with memory and planning issues, by discussing how she copes successfully in other areas of her life and adapting those to driving tasks. She has found this beneficial in recent weeks……. Later I’m supporting an autistic lad who needs extra time to process information. By stopping and chatting at the kerb and making sure he has all the information he needs, he can drive three or four junctions completely independently now. Although we can effectively manage noise levels inside the car, now we are using slightly busier areas and we’ve found that we’ve needed to explore different ways to cope with this!!……. My final autistic guy of the day has only just started driving. Last week was mainly about ensuring he felt absolutely safe, with the correct amount of support to keep him calm. We’ll continue using his quiet area of choice today and ensure he doesn’t feel overloaded, but achieves what he wants from the session.