Cat’s driving story started in her early 20’s, when she had what she describes as ‘a huge amount of lessons’ with the instructor that taught a friend of hers. She just didn’t get it!! Having a professional music career that takes her all over the country and beyond, there was a growing NEED to get herself driving. Recognising that she needed to learn in a ‘different’ way to many, she researched for a trainer that would match her learning style. She found Rob Cooling in Nottingham, and he was kind enough to recommend Lin. Despite living some distance away, Cat travelled from work in Cambridge or home in Central London for her training with Lin in Sevenoaks……. even paying for a taxi from London once, when the rail system let her down, so that she wouldn’t miss a lesson!!

Lin and Cat found a way to learn together and constructed all manner of strategies to overcome Cat’s fears and beliefs. Finally yesterday, almost a year after we started and despite a real panic half an hour before her test, she did it – a wonderful pass with just 4 driving faults!!

Lin said, ‘ Cat is a young lady with huge determination. I’m so incredible proud of how she applied herself during a year of lessons. Despite the massive anxiety she showed on test day, she used tried and trusted methods to calm enough to pass! You’re a full licence holder Cat!! How amazing is that??’


Cat groom