Both my children, George and Millie, have had the pleasure of learning to drive with Lin from 1nfluence.

George has a paralysis to his left arm and needed to drive in an adapted automatic car. Lin was amazing, she was calm and patient and always made sure he was comfortable with everything they were working on. He began driving around August/September and passed by early December the same year.

So when my daughter Millie was due to learn, I had no hesitation in contacting Lin again and yesterday Millie passed her driving test after just a few lessons: she only started her lessons late November, just after her 17th birthday.

Millie looked forward to and enjoyed her lessons and said Lin was great. She felt relaxed and confident with everything. Lin complimented her on her driving just after one lesson. She also remembered George, her brother, who passed with her 3 years ago. I believe this says a lot about a person.

Thank you Lin for all your great efforts with my two children.

Please ensure you use Lin at 1nluence….. an amazing lady!

Lisa Groves

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