My daughter Becca started to learn to drive shortly after her 17th birthday. She was rather nervous, and certainly not a ‘natural’ driver. Unfortunately her first instructor did not help – he was critical, impatient, and totally destroyed her confidence so she decided to take a break.
Once she felt ready to try again we found Lin, who was completely different. It took a while to build Becca’s confidence up – and she is still not a ‘natural’ driver! – but Lin has been fantastic, and through her patient and uncritical approach has given Becca confidence in her abilities, and the belief that she would get there in the end, and today, she did it!
Her test had been cancelled and rescheduled three times due to covid, but today (a year after her first test had been booked) the waiting was over. Thank you Lin! Becca is delighted to finally have her independence and we, her parents, are delighted too as we have our independence now as well!
Helen x