I can’t explain in words just how proud I am of this young lady! It’s taken a while, but Kirsty gradually overcame her enormous fears of driving, one by one, to pass her driving test in Sevenoaks today.

Kirsty had lessons with other trainers before I met her, but was incredibly scared to drive in even the lightest traffic. We worked on finding solutions to each of the things she found tricky: there were quite a list to start with!! Getting ‘lost’ on roundabouts and anything that meant the car needed to reverse were probably amongst the most tricky, but ultimately we found ways around these difficulties. Even when she had a bit of confidence in her driving abilities, we needed to come up with a plan that would work on test day. Ensuring she had hand signals for all directions and would be asked to follow signs at roundabouts and during the 10 minutes of independent driving element of the test, were essential. So, with all this in place,  we turned up at the test centre yesterday……..only to be told that the test was cancelled as no examiner was available!! Another date was offered in a couple of weeks time, but this meant that the ‘full licence’ would be too late for a career opportunity deadline next week! Luckily she found a cancellation today…….. and the rest, as they say, is history!!

You overcame all of those nerves and kept it together….. Well done Kirsty xx

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