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Driving Instructor Mentoring

Driving instructor mentor Lin WebbIf you would like to create a successful driving school business – or grow your existing business to a higher level – you’ll find that getting help from someone who knows what works will more than pay for itself – you just have to make the decision to find out a bit more!

I’m Lin Webb, 1nfluence Driver Training Ltd is my baby and I have personally trained many instructors, generally from scratch.

I’d like to think I’m very easy to chat with and I pride myself on making lessons, coaching and training fun!

My guess is that you’re looking for help and the good news is I help Driver Trainers. I can help you both with the technical AND the business side of what you do. This might include getting your diary under control, expanding your business, dealing with team issues, improving your instructional techniques and creating presentations………. to managing time better, delegating work and dealing with conflict and so much more!

This is where the value comes in – we don’t spend masses of time on theory that you then find difficult to implement or isn’t relevant to you and your business. You focus on what you need and get better by us working on your real issues.

We look at how and when you do what you do! Your mindset may need to be tweaked a little, so we discuss your beliefs, motivation and your most compelling goals.

I can help you no matter where you live. Most of my clients work with me face to face, but it is your choice and there’s no reason why it couldn’t be by phone or Skype.

Are you an ADI that could do with someone to:

  • Help you achieve your specific, personal and business goals?
  • Support and motivate you in challenging times?
  • Bounce ideas off?
  • Help you focus on the main issues?

The benefits of Driving Instructor Mentoring for you and your business might include:

  • Increasing your business knowledge and experience
  • Achieving your goals
  • Enabling you to work ‘on’ and not just ‘in’ your business
  • Achieving a better work/life balance
  • Learning and developing new skills
If you think a business confidante/mentor/coach could help you get the results you want and need, call me on 07780 708 706 or email to arrange your FREE initial consultation.

Mentoring Options for Driving Instructors

Driving Instructor Mentoring Option 1

A one off coaching/mentoring session to help you create the vision to grow your business! It’s not about selling more hours!!

Price: £50 / hr

Driving Instructor Mentoring Option 2

6 one hour 1:1 sessions to ‘hold your hand’, motivate and encourage you as you make sensible choices about creating the business of your dreams.

Price: £225

Continuing Professional Development for Approved Driving Instructors

ADIs that want to progress and make a difference in this profession need to ensure that their instructional techniques and business skills develop well beyond the level of their successful Part 3 Exam.

1nfluence can help you with our wide range of subjects for CPD for Advanced Driving Instructors, which includes:

  • Approved Driver Training
  • Fleet Trainer Training
  • Standards CheckTraining
  • Coaching Skills

And if you’re looking for something specific and it is not listed, please contact me to discuss what you need.

To find out more, call Lin on 07780 708 706 or email for a chat.