Do you ever drink and drive? Really? What does that question even mean to you?
Most responsible people would never think of drinking before or while driving….. But do people mean they wouldn’t exceed the Drink Drive limit? Or that they would never allow the slightest drop of alcohol to pass their lips before driving?
Legal limits can be confusing when people often don’t know how many units of alcohol you can legally drink…. or what a unit actually looks like, when it differs based on the amount and strength of the alcohol or even which part of the UK you are in!!
The way alcohol affects people depends on many things too:
*your weight, age, sex and metabolism
*the type and amount of alcohol you’re drinking
*what you’ve eaten recently
*your stress levels at the time
Ultimately, the only totally safe limit for driving is NO alcohol.
Drinking and driving could cost people a driving licence, a job, but worse still a life!!