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Deer Collisions
Twice a year there’s an increased chance of deer running into the road. October-November is the rutting season when deer have only one thing on their minds!…… and May-June is the time of year when young deer start moving from the breeding areas.
Many deer are killed in collisions on the roads every year, but car occupants are injured too as deer present a greater risk than other roadkill incidents because they are so large.
Tips to help……
*Accidents involving deer peak in May, October and November.
The worst times of day are around sunrise and sunset to midnight.
*Some areas have bigger problems than others. Hotspots include: A134 in Thetford Forest, A22 in Ashdown Forest, B4506 in Ashridge Forest, A4136 in the Forest of Dean, and M27 between Southampton and Portsmouth.
*Be extra vigilant where you see ‘deer’ or ‘wild animal’ road signs.
*A deer can appear almost instantly – nature makes them hard to see.
*Use high-beam headlights (without dazzling other drivers) when it’s dark, but dip them if you see a deer, otherwise it may freeze in your path.
*Don’t over-react or swerve excessively. It’s safer to continue on your normal track rather than swerving or braking hard to try to avoid a deer.
*Bear in mind that if you do swerve and miss a deer (or any other animal), but hit something else, it will be very hard to prove that the deer ever existed.
*If you do hit a deer, try to stop somewhere safe. Report the accident to the police – they’ll contact someone who can help. ?