It’s been a very looooong time coming, but Rose passed her driving test today, with one driving fault and on her very first attempt. Lin explained, ‘To say I feel immensely proud of her is a massive understatement!! What a journey!

Rose started her lessons nearly 3 years ago as a highly anxious girlie. On our first 2hr lesson the car moved less than 30m as the sound of the engine was so scary to her that she would turn it off again!! The music used to be VERY LOUD just to block out the noise and if it dared to rain Rose would sing loudly so she could drown out that noise too!! It took us about 20 hrs of lessons before we used 2nd gear, and probably another 100hrs before we got out onto a main road……. But if you sat with her now you wouldn’t believe it! She’s one of the finest drivers I’ve ever put through a driving test. Cross my heart!’

Congratulations Rose. What a fantastic effort 🙂