This driver ‘pass’ wishes to remain anonymous. Here’s a little background to their test pass…
Roughly 2 years ago this particular student took and passed their test with 1nfluence’s Alex. Approximately 6 months ago they contacted her to explain that unfortunately they had been involved in an accident with a cyclist.
The outcome of this accident for this driver was a driving ban and the necessity to re take and pass their driving test.
The outcome for the cyclist was a lengthy stay in hospital (thankfully now recovered).
There was no “reckless” driving involved, this was an accident, an error of judgement, a poor decision. Something that potentially could happen to anyone. This is why that mirror check/blind spot check/double check at a junction is SO important.
This driver took extra training prior to her second test saying… ” I wanted to ensure my driving was as safe as possible and to identify any ‘bad habits’… I felt secure in the knowledge that Alex would be non-judgemental and professional in her dealing with me”… “I want anyone else in a similar position to not feel embarrassed to seek extra tuition”.

Well done, both of you…. and good luck.
Anon - Passed 28th May - Reigate