We don’t know what we don’t know!

Many in the driver training industry want to be better at what they do. I’m certainly not the only one addicted to further training!!

We read our trade magazines, we attend industry conferences, we talk to others from our industry and we take training and courses offered by those we consider to be ‘experts’ from our profession. We may well learn industry specific bits and pieces this way, but surely we can never learn to truly innovate, solve real issues, add business skills or think in new, inspirational ways like this?

To really think differently, we need to look way outside the driver training bubble. If we recognise and learn how other business owners solve their problems, we can adapt and apply the same lessons to our own work. We may learn how to get ourselves out of sticky situations or discover a clever way to better market to our business prospects. We may find ways to see things a little differently from what has become the norm amongst our own. This is where individual innovation and sparkle comes from!!

Standing out in what we do comes from solving ideas like no one else in our sector…but those ideas have to come from somewhere…somewhere outside. Where are YOU looking?


1nfluence Driver Training Ltd