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After working with the bigger, national companies for many years, Lin Webb formed 1nfluence Driver Training, a small multi-car driving school based in Edenbridge, Kent.

*** 27th January 2017 ***

A sneaky lie in and a later start today for me!! ūüôā …… Visiting a potential new client shortly for a coffee and chat in town. She has attempted to learn to drive in the past, but has held a massive fear of driving in traffic,¬†following a collision when she was a passenger in a car driven by a friend almost 20 years ago…… Later, I’m meeting a driver who is learning to drive in the manual car. She would like to¬†take a look at reversing in a variety of situations today.

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*** 26th January 2017 ***

A mix of client needs today…..¬†My first driver¬†needs to be inspired to continue with theory work to move her towards her ultimate goal. We’ll check on progress and set steps to achieve this week. Improving her understanding of driving busy junctions would be good too, ensuring knowledge of road signs and markings is secure and¬†she has strategies to cope….. Then a highly anxious young mum in Kemsing, who is looking forward to being able to drive her daughter around rather than relying on local transport. …. Finally a guy who is progressing with theory and practical skills. I wonder where he’ll chauffeur me today?

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*** 25th January 2017 ***

I’m starting my training close to home this morning, with a lady that has said she would like to look at the need to plan her drive¬†and the consequences of her actions…… Then a highly dyspraxic and dyslexic man – Now that he can control the movement of the car, we are looking at how to ease his confusion with verbal directions by using strategies he finds help him in other areas in life.

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*** Congratulations Suzi Shettle ***

Suzi is a young mum whose ultimate goal was to overcome her anxieties, pass her driving test and feel able to drive with her daughter in the car.

It has taken a while to find strategies that kept her calm but still able to function in busy traffic……. she did it though!!! After finding out that¬†the morning driving tests in Reigate¬†had been¬†cancelled due to fog, we felt really lucky to get out on test early this afternoon!! Suzi passed her driving test with just 2 driving faults and completed the reversing manoeuvre she least liked!! Goodness I’m proud!! ūüôā

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*** 23rd January 2017 ***

A bit of a Bassett’s kinda day today with allsorts of training, which is why I love what I do………….. Starting in Sevenoaks with some ADI Part 3 training, covering the prevention of¬†faults¬†together with¬†levels of instruction. Then off to Reigate to support a highly anxious young mum using her own coping strategies in town driving and when reversing. Finally, an anxious girl¬†from Limpsfield Chart¬†who has made¬†massive leaps in¬†dealing with her worries and is really enjoying driving now she feels that she has better control and understanding.


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*** 22nd January 2017 ***

Today’s drivers are dyspraxic and autistic….. The first has already messaged me this morning to say she wants an easy lesson that doesn’t challenge her too much. When I asked her what she meant by challenge, she said it would be a route with very few roundabouts and less urban. I think we’ll take time to¬†look at the emotions behind this today and see what else we can discover….. The autistic lads that I’m working with later are fab; I love their transparency. Both say what they think with no ‘agenda’. I love how they take absolute responsibility for their learning in our sessions and are completely ‘real’. The first is looking at how he reacts to other road users and pedestrians in town centres, the second is looking at how to overcome his fears at junctions.

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*** 19th January 2017 ***

Waaaah!! Running a little late after a long, beautiful walk this morning!!…… Lessons in Biggin Hill, Kemsing, Borough Green and Haxted today, supporting drivers with diverse needs and abilities: a whole mix of learning difficulties, mobility issues, and high anxiety. Give me a wave if you see me around!!

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*** 18th January 2017 ***

Helping my driver to¬†set a realistic session¬†goal is the first challenge for my day. ‘Her’ ideas are often influenced by family and she starts off all excited, but when things take longer to achieve than she would hope, she gets¬†very discouraged!! Hoping she can be happy with smaller steps that are important to her¬†today……. My next driver¬†is dyspraxic and¬†travels from Central London to drive with me each week. He is using some strategies we put in place to escape the driving ‘nursery slopes’ for short bursts now, which makes him smile. He wants to practice keeping control of¬†the car while accelerating harder today.

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*** 17th January 2017 ***

A long and pretty diverse working day today!! I’m meeting a lady in West Wickham¬†this morning, who has developed a massive fear of motorway driving, since her husband passed away a few years ago. I’m not too sure how to help her yet, but we’ll start by looking at the emotions that trigger this fear and try to get to the bottom of what¬†it¬†is all about……¬† Then over to Haxted to work with a nervous driver approaching test, who would like to feel more confident about reversing……After that, I am off to Reigate to work with an anxious young mum with dyspraxic tendencies. We are working on finding ways to¬†manage a sequence of tasks at the same time, while keeping the car moving in the right place and at the right speed. …… and then finishing with an ADI Part 2/3 training session. I’m hoping to add some useful hints and tips¬†for¬†driving and effectively¬†teaching the reversing manoeuvres.


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*** 16th January 2017 ***

Three totally diverse training sessions today¬† in the Sevenoaks area!! The first is some ADI Part 3 (and instructor) training with a guy looking to change jobs in the next few months. We have planned to work on the faults associated with a subject of his choice, and the methods we might use to prevent them or even encourage a different approach from our driver……. Then I’m supporting a lady in her 70 as she continues her driving while using hand controls in the automatic car. Now that her use of the pull/push gas and brake has become smoother and better controlled, we can look in greater depth at¬†driving at speeds that suit traffic and road conditions and address needless hesitancy……. Finally, a highly anxious young lady looking to gain confidence in traffic and master reversing to her own standards.


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*** 15th January 2017 ***

Sunday is the start of my working week!!¬†We’re continuing to look at strategies to help a lady with memory and planning issues, by¬†discussing how she copes successfully in other areas of her life and adapting those to driving tasks. She has found this beneficial in recent weeks……. Later I’m supporting an autistic lad¬†who needs extra time to process information. By stopping and chatting at the kerb and making sure he has all the information he needs, he can drive three or four junctions completely independently now.¬†Although¬†we¬†can effectively¬†manage noise levels inside the car, now we are using slightly busier areas and¬†we’ve found¬†that we’ve needed to¬†explore different¬†ways to cope with this!!……. My final autistic guy of the day has only just started driving. Last week was¬†mainly about ensuring he felt absolutely safe, with the correct amount of support¬†to keep him calm. We’ll continue¬†using his¬†quiet area of choice¬†today¬†and ensure he doesn’t feel overloaded, but achieves what he wants from the session.


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*** 13th January 2017 ***

Whether it was something to do with it being Friday the 13th or that gremlins had got into the workings, its really nice to be back in control of my website and be able to update this blog, albeit late in the day!!

Today’s plans were rearranged at the last moment due to the snow and ice that descended last night, but brilliant to complete some ADI training on Skype about¬†instructional techniques and dealing with hazards with one of my would-be trainers!! We adjusted our expected outcomes, and put our original plans on hold…….. As Driver Trainers we often think that the wheels need to turn for our drivers to learn, but with more complete knowledge and better understanding the task will be so much easier once we can find an opportunity to put it to the test.


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*** 12th January 2017 ***

Off¬†for lessons in¬†Biggin Hill, Sevenoaks and Borough Green to support my drivers today….. I think there is a strong link between motivation, goals and achievement – very generally, the more little things¬†people achieve, the more self-confident they become, and as that self-confidence rises so does the ability to achieve even more!! So we’re going to spend time acknowledging those steps forward we’ve made and remind ourselves about where we’re going and WHY!!

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*** 11th January 2017 ***

Just half a day of work, before I get to spend precious time with family ūüôā ……… My initial driver today has been making attempts to drive since her early 20’s. Now, 25 years on, she can recognise her progress and is better motivated to continue towards her goal. She’s looking forward to using her own car to get her little grandson safely to and from his nursery school. Today she has plans to get a better understanding of how the car reacts when reversing and using that understanding to park in the car park at her work…… Later I’m spending time with a dyspraxic man in his 40’s, learning to drive after making many attempts before.¬†We are concentrating on his¬†hand/eye coordination and looking at his awareness of space in quiet areas at the moment, as these issues have held him back in the past.

Lin Webb - 1nfluence Driver Training Ltd

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*** 10th January 2017 ***

My first driver today is going to work on finding positive ways to deal with her left-right confusion when out on a driving test¬†and how to judge safe travel speeds¬†when driving¬†a variety of roads and traffic situations……. The second driver is¬†going to continue using the strategies she developed last week to deal¬†with the possibility of an overload of¬†verbal directions on a driving test (I have to admit a little bit of annoyance that this is required, as it doesn’t relate to real-life driving) and work on some spacial awareness difficulties we discussed last week…… Finally, a driver that continues to develop ways to improve her ability to plan ahead, so that she doesn’t become overwhelmed in traffic and we’ll take a look at her understanding of signalling ‘to inform others’¬†again, which is something she has been working on as¬†a mindmap as homework since her last lesson.

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*** 9th January 2017 ***

And so we’re back to Monday……. Am meeting with a qualified driver¬†from¬†West Wickham¬†for the first time¬†this morning, who says she has never felt confident of driving alone despite passing her driving test nearly 15 years ago.¬† Following that I’m off to Sevenoaks to support¬†a¬†lady gradually gaining confidence with using hand controls, following an¬†illness causing her to stop driving a few years ago.¬†Finally helping a highly anxious young lady from Limpsfield Chart overcome¬†those overwhelming feelings of the recent past. She would like to concentrate of reversing today….. although I feel that getting back to driving in traffic after a bit of a break over Christmas might be an idea too. We’ll see what she feels!!


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*** 8th January 2017 ***

Today is the start of my working week again: My first driver¬†is¬†discovering ways to overcome the dyslexic tendencies that have made learning to drive so tricky in the past. She made me laugh last¬†week when she described her learning curve as driving up a vertical cliff!!¬†…… This afternoon I’m working with two autistic lads. The first has begun to¬†recognise¬†that his control of the car has increased in recent weeks and he can really see the benefits. Love his smiles!! My last driver today is having his first on-road driving lesson after having learnt some¬†basic skills in a safe off-road setting. It will be great to get to know him!

Lin Webb - 1nfluence Driver Training Ltd

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*** 6th January 2017 ***

Just the one training session today; my last remaining driver learning in the manual car before my business becomes totally automatic…… Last lesson we discussed how the ‘real world’¬†reversing skills that we have developed so far¬†need to¬†be adapted to fit the driving test. So today we’re going to practice!! It’s funny that she thought test manoeuvres sounded a bit weird!!

Lin Webb - 1nfluence Driver Training Ltd

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*** 5th January 2017 ***

Sharing my day with drivers who have some mobility issues and learning differences today……. The first, a young lady in Biggin Hill who has defined her long term goal and the steps that she needs to take to get her there. It was great to see that she made the first step towards her 2017 success by using our Theory Test Pro revision site this week: continued practice will get her there! We had decided to work on using road markings and signs at unfamiliar junctions as a focus for driving today. Lets see if that still feels like a decent goal for her.

Later today I’m meeting the guy from Borough Green that chauffeured Lou Walsh and I on the Big Learner Relay at the end of 2016. He tends to come up with his lesson goals on the day: sometimes it’s a longer drive to somewhere he plans to drive when doing some private practice, sometimes it’s to improve a specific skill. He will surprise me, no doubt!!

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*** 4th January 2017 ***

An early start to work today, helping a local Driving Instructor plan and practice the skills needed for her approaching Standards Check and future lessons.

Then working with a young mum that has had 3 different trainers and¬†taken¬†a number of¬†driving tests in the past. She needs to learn in her own very special way, despite never having been diagnosed with any specific learning¬†need. Being told to follow routines was¬†impossible for her….. and completely ineffective!!¬†We’re going to look at appropriate speed and how it changes¬†when driving country lanes today. Using limit points is fab!!

Lin Webb - 1nfluence Driver Training Ltd


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