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When you get the new, wonderful, fantastic big idea, you get SO excited. Maybe you’re going to run the London Marathon like my pal Phil, perhaps write a book, or book a great holiday somewhere fab!

That excitement gets you through the early phase, whether it’s running a couple miles a day, creating a plot outline, or putting yourself on a strict budget… and a diet!!!

But somewhere along the road, you begin to wobble! You wonder if it would just be easier to give up and go back to your old ‘routine’. One where your knees don’t hurt, you don’t care about the characters in your book, and you can afford to go out for the biggest dinner!!

You’ve hit the wall!!! The bit where most will give up!!…..

You need a strategy to deal with it!!

Here are six ideas you might choose to use, to keep you going when your goal feels like it’s getting away from you:

1. Take a day off. Rest, refresh and don’t worry about your goal for a day. You’ll have better energy and clearer perspective tomorrow!

2. Remind yourself daily ‘WHY’ you’re doing this! How will life be better after you’ve achieved it? Maybe you’ll be healthier, more disciplined, a published author, or fluent in Spanish – keep those benefits at the front of your mind.

3. Visualisation can help; successful sportsmen and women do it regularly! Imagine yourself achieving your goal using all of your senses. Smell the cool morning air the day of the marathon; feel your strong muscles; picture yourself crossing the finish line; hear your friends and family cheering from the wings; taste your paella!!

4. Get support, especially from those who’ve done what you’re attempting. Join a runners or a writers group, or get a friend to keep checking on you, to keep you on track.

5. Fake it!! Act as if you haven’t lost momentum. Keep going, smiling, knowing that each step gets you closer, even if it’s hard or doesn’t seem to be moving you forward. The bonus? Self-discipline is great for your confidence!

6. This is SUPER important!!…..Celebrate mini-goals or milestones along the way and reward yourself when you hit them. Make a decadent dinner, buy that new book you’ve been wanting, or spend a night visiting a trusted, close friend 🙂