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A long and pretty diverse working day today!! I’m meeting a lady in West Wickham this morning, who has developed a massive fear of motorway driving, since her husband passed away a few years ago. I’m not too sure how to help her yet, but we’ll start by looking at the emotions that trigger this fear and try to get to the bottom of what it is all about……  Then over to Haxted to work with a nervous driver approaching test, who would like to feel more confident about reversing……After that, I am off to Reigate to work with an anxious young mum with dyspraxic tendencies. We are working on finding ways to manage a sequence of tasks at the same time, while keeping the car moving in the right place and at the right speed. …… and then finishing with an ADI Part 2/3 training session. I’m hoping to add some useful hints and tips for driving and effectively teaching the reversing manoeuvres.