1nfluence Driver Training specialise in driver training with highly anxious or nervous drivers. Perhaps you passed your driving test some time ago but didn’t have the confidence to set off alone, or need additional support to help you overcome your personal demons and use those strategies to become a safe, independent driver and pass your driving test.  You would be training in my Mini Countryman Cooper D automatic and have the learning experience YOU need!

Automatic Driving Lessons

Perhaps learning to drive in a manual car was a disaster for you? One less foot pedal in an automatic car can be all it needs to take the stress out of your learning to drive experience! A relaxed, stress-free learning experience really works.

Or perhaps you just need to get your license as soon as possible? Our ethic is based on ensuring that you have the learning experience YOU need to support YOU in the best way.

Driver Training for anxious or nervous drivers starts from £45 / hour. Click here to find out more details about me.

For more information, why not call me today for a chat on 07780 708 706 or email info@1nfluence.co.uk

What people have said

“Despite passing my driving test 11 years ago, I had never been able to establish the confidence to drive independently. It had developed into a phobia and I approached Ln to ask for help with tackling my high anxiety. After just a couple of lessons, I experienced a huge transformation in both my confidence and ability and, a month on, I now feel able to drive my daughter to school and back every day, which was a huge personal goal of mine. Lin was calm, down to earth and really easy to talk to: Id definitely recommend her to others with similar issues around driving.  Its been a life changer! Thanks again Lin x Rozenn Gladwell – September 2019


” I passed my driving test at the age of 17, but didn’t drive for over 10 years. The more time I left it, the less I wanted to get back into a car! Lin was calm, patient and encouraging and quickly got me driving through traffic, on motorways and managing some reversing manoeuvres. I can’t thank her enough for her support and would recommend her services to anyone wanting to get back behind the wheel!”  Tom Charlton – August 2018


“I have tried to drive with numerous instructors since I was 17. Time and money were an obstacle but the biggest obstacle was my own psychological obstruction that I had created many years earlier. When I was 5 I was in involved in a massive car collision and spent three weeks in hospital recovering.

All of the driving instructors I have had would get frustrated, seeing great progress, getting closer to test only for me to break down in tears if a car came too close and I would go into panic.

Not wanting to be beaten by fear and now with two small children and many exciting beaches and countryside tantalising close and needing to be explored, I decided to make the hunt for an instructor again. I found a few websites, made a few calls and eventually found 1nfluence and (thankfully) Lin Webb. Lin spoke on her website about helping anxious drivers, teaching and coaching them until they became confident on the road.

I have never seen myself as a ‘driver’ but felt intrigued to give it a go. In the first lesson Lin drove us to quiet roads and let me in my own time drive the great distance of probably 30 yards and maybe 10 ish miles per hour..! It was THRILLING! Each week I gradually stopped dreading my lessons. I wanted to learn to be a driver not to rush through the lessons and hopefully pass the test. My children would be my regular passengers so ‘fluking’ the test was never an option. Seemingly without me realising I started to look forward to my lessons. We would take my children out with us over the holidays so they got used to being in the car with me and I got used to driving them.

I passed my theory test and then I started to feel like driving could in fact be for me…

Lin had helped me prepare for the test with every single lesson. Lin truly taught me how to drive on ‘real’ roads not just ‘test’ ones. I felt ready and prepared (even for the biggest roundabouts..!), all because of Lin’s expert guidance. I passed my test first time. I burst out crying as soon as the driving examiner told me. I couldn’t believe it! It felt like the end of a very long story line. I didn’t have control in the beginning when I was involved in the car crash but with Lin’s support and help I had taken control over it’s ending.

I am so grateful to have found Lin and 1nfluence and the great adventures she has made possible for myself and family.

If you are nervous or in two minds about driving, I understand, (truly I do!), congratulations you’re here reading this! It’s the first step and I really recommend your next step to get in contact with 1nfluence. It’s a great investment to get you driving safely and confidently on the road and onward to many adventures, freedoms, opportunities and happy times ahead!” Chrissie Elcock

Driving instructor in Kent car Toyota