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Whether you are just beginning your driving and want to pass your test, perhaps are looking to improve or refresh your driving skills, or maybe want to drive as a career……… 1nfluence Driver Training can help you!

My aim is to provide the very best learning experience I possible can, by listening to you and structuring a learning experience that specifically suits you.

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About 1nfluence Driver Training …

1nfluence Driver Training is based in Edenbridge, Kent. Lin Webb formed 1nfluence after initially training and working with the bigger, national companies for many years.

What people have said

Having passed my driving test, I felt I needed motorway and dual carriageway training and decided to book a session with Lin. From the outset whe was calm and patient and made me feel at ease in these new and stressful situations. Her experience meant that the learning experience was calm and enjoyable. Not only did I come away from the lesson feeling that I had achieved my goals, I came away wanting to book even more lessons to learn even more from this lady! Andrew Miles – April 2017

“Despite passing my driving test 11 years ago I had never been able to establish the confidence to drive. It had developed into a phobia and I approached Lin to ask for help with tackling my high anxiety when it came to driving. After only a couple of lessons I experienced a huge transformation in both my confidence and ability and a month on I am able to drive my daughter to school and back every day which was a huge personal goal of mine. Lin was calm, down to earth and easy to talk to, I’d definitely recommend her to other people with similar issues around driving.” Roxenn Gladwell, September 2018

“A few months ago I decided to give driving a go again after many years of not driving. I needed to be able to drive my daughter who was starting school soon. It seemed an impossible task due to my nerves, fear and a lack of confidence. So I searched high and low for the right driving instructor as I needed someone exceptional to take me on! My confidence was non-existent, but Lin helped me to find belief in myself, that I could do it and now I am! I have achieved my goal which is something I thought I could never do and I can’t believe I’m actually driving every day! Lin has been so encouraging and caring and she has been just the right person to help me. She understood me and knew what I needed. I can highly recommend Lin, she has helped me to overcome what I thought was impossible! Thank you Lin x”

Jane Slater


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