Toyota car for learner drivers in Kent

Having a medical condition or disability does not necessarily mean you cannot, or will not, be able to have driving lessons and be allowed to drive.

Whether you are a new or an experienced driver, you must let the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) know about any medical condition or disability that may affect your driving. ‘Notifiable’ medical conditions and disabilities include epilepsy, stroke and other neurological conditions, mental health issues, physical disabilities and visual impairments.

You must also tell the DVLA if your medical condition or disability has become worse since your licence was issued or if you develop a new medical condition or disability.

Disability driving lessons

I am proactive, experience and  committed to offer practical advice and driver training for those with a whole range of needs wishing to increase their mobility.

I can arrange for you to have specialist tuition for confidence training, to adapt to new control methods as well as novice learner driver training. I will devise a tailor-made programme to fit your specific needs and requirements in my modified Mini Countryman Cooper D Automatic with a single, combined push/pull, brake/gas lever and steering ball if you need it.

Driver Training for people with mobility difficulties starts from £45 / hour.

For more information, why not call me today on 07780 708 706 or email to discuss what you’re looking for.

What people have said

“I wanted to thank you for the really helpful tuition you gave me, which enabled me to pass my assessment at QEF last month. I greatly appreciated your friendship and patience, helping me in adapting to the new system with the pedals. I’ve received my licence now and am able to drive around in my Golf again.
My warm thanks once again,
Best wishes, Susan” Susan Fairman – May 2019

“Thanks for your guidance Lin. You’ve given me much greater confidence in making the transition when using my left foot! Your help is much appreciated. It was a pleasure to meet you.” Mark Dennison

“I appreciate your kindness and patience during my recent lessons with you, following my strokes, Lin. As you know, I passed the assessment with everything marked good. They liked my driving!

I learnt a lot from your handy tips and I’ve been able to pass many on to my daughter, ha ha.

I’m looking forward to getting back on the road at the ripe old age of 78 when the DVLA send my licence through. Thank you so, so much again. Hans de Jager